Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where is my head?

Lately I've had more than a few workouts where I feel like the woman in the video below (actually five years ago I was the woman in the video below), except that I can't blame my workout mishaps on my kids. Instead I chalk it up to missing my alarm, getting rained out, not having my shit together, etc. We all have days like that (or in my case, I'm in  a week like that). This too shall pass. Right? If you find my head, please return it. It's the one with the big zit on the chin I tried and failed to pop. When will I learn that never goes well?


mamacat said...

laugh EVERY TIME I see this! I can just imagine you in place of the gal in the video. Hysterical!

Darcy Franklin said...

Funny! Well, you kinda made it on time today! I almost gave you a hard time...Good work today. My body if feeling appropriately "worked out".

j9kovac said...

Serves that woman right for having a dog! :)

(Today I went back for sippy cups and pretzels.)