Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kids Stuff Part I

You have kids. That means you go to birthday parties. If you're like me, you probably forget about the present until you're on your way to the party so you slide into some supersize center and grab the closest toy to the register. Next time you see the mom of the birthday kid, she might mutter something like, "Oh yes, you're the one that brought that offensive, annoying toy for my child that I can't wait to throw away when she's not looking."

What's worse is when you buy those horrific toys for your own kids.

You don't have to be that mom. With a little foresight you can give the best. gift. ever. for the fit kids in your life.

Let's start with clothes:

There are certain little girls that are loyal to skirts and dresses. No matter the occasion. My youngest daughter is one of those girls. If I suggest a pair of jeans or shorts, the reply is almost always, "Not fancy enough."

Did you know Skirt Sports has a Girls Collection? All three of my daughters got Skirt Sports skirts for Christmas one year and they also make a great gift for your running pal's daughter (at least it did for mine). So when Skirt Sports gifted my daughters with their very own Skirt Sports dresses, I knew we had found another winner. Do we like them? Oh Yeah. Why?

They twirl. The standard for any skirt worth wearing in our house is it's twirlability.

They're long enough for proper coverage, yet not too long to hinder climbing or riding. Because, we are, after all, tough girls.

They're cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Plus, you want to stand out in the crowd. This is helpful for mom who can easily find her little girl on the field; her pink dress underneath her red team t-shirt.

Next up, accessorizing!
In all of the photos above you'll notice my girls wearing their Polar Active Monitor. After my love letter to my very own Polar Active, Polar sent me the watches for my daughters, who literally have not taken them off since.

I happened to open the box and pass them out on a snow day (back in March) because I needed a diversion. They strapped them on and I led them through a 10-minute mini bootcamp so they could see how the watch worked as they moved. The watch is made for kids, so the little stick figure guy on the face of the watch who sits when you sit, stands when you stand, walks when you walk, and runs when you run, is tantalizing for little minds. After the 10-minute workout I went back upstairs but my girls continued moving until they hit two hours of activity on their watch. At the time I had had my own Polar Active for three months and I had yet to see two hours (the man does a little happy dance when you hit one hour of activity and then does the happy dance every hour after two hours of activity). So, I was thrilled they stayed busy (on their own!) on what normally would have been a sedentary day yet a little jealous of their Polar Active Prowess.

We have fun with the family friendly competition too. The girls always want to know what numbers each other has. I've been known to take one daughter on an outing while sisters watch TV so she can have a higher number on her watch at the end of the day. Love that.

Here's another thing I love. They've become little trendsetters. They've told me their friends at school want one. Many of my friends have bought one for their own kids. My nephews just had birthdays and for once I had no trouble knowing what to buy. Demand is high. This might partly be due to the scarcity of the watches. As far as I know Polar still isn't set up for web sales. I *think* they might be selling them at Life Time Fitness soon. I *think* they may be exploring different color options and price points. Stay tuned. If you want one send an email to sales@polarusa.com and tell them I sent you for $10 off the price.

Then there's toys, of course.

Once upon a post I wrote about discovering the Go! Go! Sports Girls. Since then I have teamed up with the creator of the dolls to write companion books for them. Suzi Swimmer Girl, Cassie Soccer Girl, and Ella Runner Girl are the first dolls to have a story and eventually the doll and book combination will be available for sale. Meanwhile, the Go! Go! Sports Girls, each with their own sport apparel and accessories can make any little girl smile. And their mommy too. She's not dressed like a hooker, isn't wearing make up, doesn't make loud noise and doesn't require batteries.

All kid tested and approved by my brood. I love that we are seeing more fit-centered products for our kids. My hunch is, if kids grow up with fitness as part of their life, they will never have to start an exercise program as an adult, what is often the hardest part for most people, don't you think?

Any great fitness-related gifts you've discovered for kids? Share! Share! The more birthday gift options I have the better!


Christy P. said...

I'm still with younger age kids (2 and 5) so am going to parties for younger kids. This summer all kids got some combination of: play ball, frisbee, hula hoop (surprisingly hard to find), and bubbles. Low on the price point and keeps them active.

Darcy Franklin said...

Cute dresses - too bad I have boys!

Melissa said...

Just found your blog and had to laugh and give you kudos for your cut to the chase comment - the dolls aren't dressed like hookers. LOVE IT and looking forward to being a hot sweaty mama!