Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Am I So Sore? And "Down There" Winner!

Between my Wednesday morning track workout and my Saturday morning Cross Fit class, I'm perpetually a little (good) sore underneath the surface. But because I didn't make it to Cross Fit on Saturday, I'm trying to put my finger on that "ooph" I feel in my butt and legs whenever I sit down or climb the stairs. And then it hit me: I've been squatting at every opportunity since last week's post; making squats a normal part of daily activity. I hadn't considered squatting to get something out of a low cupboard or while making a sandcastle at the beach a "workout," but according to my glutes and hamstrings it is, and the mystery soreness is solved! That, right there, is the key to finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood: multitask at every turn!

Which brings me to the winner of Katy Bowman's Aligned and Well DVD, "Down There" for Women. The scientific process for selecting the winner went as follows: Each of my daughters selected a number, which corresponded to a comment left on Monday's post. Here's who they picked.
Then I put those numbers into a pot and let The Boy pick one out. Here's your winner!

Amber please email me your mailing address to and I will send it
your way!

Another important tip for finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood: Go to that fitness class, even if you show up late. Dirty looks be damned. Now, I gotta go--I'm late to yoga!


Lynne Marie Wanamaker said...

So close! I guess I'll have to buy the DVD now. Loved this article--I linked to it from my biz website today

PS: As a fitness instructor, I NEVER give anyone a dirty look for entering late if she's got one of the wrist bands that indicates she had to wrastle a kid (or four) into the childwatch before she could make it to my class. Anyone who does hasn't been there.

Kara said...

Lynne--I will feel much better about my tardiness now! And thanks for the link love!

Miz said...

had to come by and say that my child is STILL SMITTEN with your book.
its a nightly read around here, kara.


Kara said...

Miz, I'm blushing.

That book her child is smitten with for the rest of you reading? It's See Mom Run (

Yes, I'd love for you to buy it!

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Hehe.... Nice stuff. Don't think like that.